Nurturing the Token Ecosystem: A Dive into Tokenomics

Delve into the fascinating world of $WEED, where we nurture the token ecosystem through a comprehensive exploration of tokenomics, fostering growth, sustainability, and a thriving community

Distribution Details

Max Supply: 420,690,000,000,000 WEED
Transaction Fees: 0%
Slippage Recommendation: 1% or less
Auditing and Security: Contract renounced, Liquidity Locked, audit coming soon

Distribution Breakdown

8% for CEX Listings, Marketing, Liquidity Pools, and Burn Events

  • Alright, man, here's the deal: we've got 33,655,200,000,000 tokens, locked up tight in a multi-signature wallet. These babies are our secret sauce to make some serious moves. As we hit those epic milestones, we're gonna secure CEX listings like nobody's business. And get this, dude, we'll unleash mind-blowing marketing campaigns that'll blow your mind straight into the stratosphere.
  • But that's not all, man. We're setting up the chillest liquidity pools you've ever seen, making sure there's plenty of juice to keep the party going strong. And let's not forget the token burn events - we're gonna add some serious heat by burning those tokens at key milestones. It's all about leveling up, spreading the love, and taking this journey to higher dimensions. So buckle up, my friend, because we're about to take this party to a whole new level!
  • These dank funds can be tracked in the following trippy multi-sig wallet: potheadstreasury.eth. Keep your eyes on the trippy trail, my fellow tokers, as we journey through the realm of green goodness.

2% for Team Distribution

  • Yo, my dude, let's give a massive shoutout to our extraordinary team! We're hooking them up with a righteous stash of 8,413,800,000,000 tokens. These absolute legends have been hustling hard, pouring their heart and soul into marketing, and shining a spotlight on our amazing community.
  • Their dedication knows no bounds, man. They've been grinding day and night, spreading the word, and getting the community stoked beyond belief. It's only fair they get their well-deserved piece of the action, you know? They've straight-up earned it, and it's time to give 'em some major love and props for the mind-blowing work they're doing to take us to new dimensions.
  • But here's the deal, my friend. We'll be using these funds to attract top talent and ignite our marketing efforts, taking our community to soaring heights. With this influx of talent and marketing wizardry, we'll blaze trails and spread our good vibes far and wide. Get ready to reach new heights together, as we elevate our journey and make a lasting impact in the stoner realm.
  • So, let's light one up and raise a toast to these rockstars who are taking us higher than ever before! They've set the stage for an incredible journey, and with the expanded team, we'll create magic that'll blow your mind. Here's to the future, here's to our team, and here's to the limitless potential of our amazing community!
  • These euphoric funds can be traced in the mind-altering multi-sig wallet dubbed potheadstreasury.eth. Stay tuned, my fellow tokers, as we embark on a psychedelic journey through the realm of green abundance.

10% for driving utility adoption and practical use

  • We're keeping it real, man. We've allocated an impressive 42,069,000,000,000 tokens for spreading the love and advancing utility-focused initiatives. These tokens will be securely stored in a multi-signature wallet, ensuring their safety. These funds will be utilized to support utility-focused endeavors that align with our higher purpose. We're talking about using the token as a practical and convenient payment method in both physical stores and online platforms. As a token holder, you'll have exclusive access to acquire special merchandise at participating stores, solidifying your status within the community.
  • By leveraging the collective wisdom of the community, we'll ensure that these funds are channeled towards projects that truly make a difference. From sparking positive change in the stoner realm to enhancing the overall utility of our token, we're dedicated to making a lasting impact.
  • These dank funds can be tracked in the following trippy multi-sig wallet: 0xA8A44c2a9479B5a93eF74c2DD9BeD4697d409617

80% as the Circulating Supply

  • Dude, get ready for this: the majority of the tokens, a massive 336,552,000,000,000 of 'em, make up what we call the Circulating Supply. These babies are out there, ready to be snatched up, traded, staked, and used for all kinds of mind-blowing activities in our epic ecosystem. We're keepin' things flowing, man, makin' sure there's plenty to go around and keep the good vibes rollin'.
  • Oh, and here's the kicker, my friend: those LP tokens associated with these tokens? They're gonna get locked (with a potential to be burnt in the near future) too. It's all part of keepin' things spicy and maintaining that perfect balance, you know what I'm sayin'? So, get ready to ride the wave and make the most out of these incredible tokens. Let's keep it groovy, man!

Distribution Model

POTHEADS tokenomics for $WEED MEME token
That's the vibe of our tokenomics, dude. It's all about creating opportunities, supporting the team, making a positive impact, and keeping the good vibes circulating.