Journey to Higher Horizons: Unveiling Our Roadmap for Success

Embark on a journey to higher horizons as we unveil our roadmap for success, charting a course towards growth, innovation, and shared achievements in the world of POTHEADS
Roadmap is subject to change as the community works together on the initiatives
POTHEADS roadmap is indepth and continously expanding
Alright, my fellow tokers, let's light up the roadmap for POTHEADS. Here's our plan to take this project higher than ever before, all while embracing that stoner spirit:

Q2 2023

  • Token Launch: We'll spark the flame of $WEED, launching it into the crypto cosmos.
  • 100+ Holders: We'll bring together a hundred tokers who share our love for $WEED and ignite a community like no other.
  • Burn Event: We'll fuel the excitement with a blazing burn event, reducing supply and increasing the value for our loyal tokers.
  • Token-Gated Toke Lounge: We'll create an exclusive space for POTHEADS to connect, share stories, and unleash the full power of $WEED.
  • CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Listings: We'll make sure our green goodness gets recognized by getting listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
  • Social Buzz, Community Building, and Toke Sharing: We'll light up the social sphere, spreading the love for $WEED and getting the whole world toking.
  • Forge key partnerships to begin the foundation and brand awareness of POTHEADS to work towards mission goals of providing utility value to token holders.
  • Hold onto your $WEED, fellow holders! The first NFT Whitelist Event is approaching fast. Exclusive access to limited edition digital treasures awaits. Stay tuned for eligibility criteria. Get ready to dive into the wild world of NFTs!

Q3 2023

  • NFT Pre-Mint Event and Release: As the event draws closer, the specific criteria for participation will be revealed. Stay tuned for more information and get ready to join in on the excitement as we dive into the world of pre-minted NFTs. Keep your eyes peeled and your enthusiasm high as we await further details!
  • Unleash the Security Shaman: As a major milestone in our roadmap, we'll summon the mighty Security Shaman, a renowned and trusted vendor in the crypto realm. This mystical figure possesses unparalleled expertise in auditing smart contracts and sniffing out vulnerabilities. By harnessing their knowledge and skills, we'll fortify our project's security to the highest degree.
  • 10k+ Holders: It's time for a massive celebration and another burn event to keep the fire blazing bright.
  • CEX Listings: We'll partner up with top-tier exchanges, ensuring $WEED gets the exposure it deserves.
  • Continued Community Partnerships: We'll collaborate with POTHEADS High Times digital newsletter, taking the $WEED meme takeover to new highs.
  • Working with payment industry providers for acceptance of token to be used as a standard crypto across cannabis stores.
  • Form partnerships with distributors of merchandise to discuss plans for providing token holder benefits and exclusive access to acquire branded products at sweet prices.

Q4 2023

  • Press Releases: We'll spread the word far and wide, grabbing attention with press releases that shine a light on $WEED rise.
  • Tier Two Exchange Listings: We'll expand our reach and accessibility by securing listings on reputable tier two exchanges.
  • Brace yourself for a game-changing experience as we unleash a tidal wave of announcements and integrated uses by forming industry partnerships and reaching mass adoption on brand awareness.
  • POTHEADS Merch: Get ready to rock that stoner style! We'll unveil a dope collection of $WEED merch, allowing you to represent the community in true toking fashion.

Q1 2024

  • 100k+ Holders: Brace yourselves for a mind-blowing celebration! We'll mark this monumental achievement with an unforgettable burn event, fueling the fire of $WEED success.
  • POTHEADS Lounge: Prepare to chill in our virtual lounge, a cosmic space where tokers can connect, share stories, and experience the ultimate $WEED vibe.
  • POTHEADS Tokes: Hold onto your bongs, my friends, because we've got exciting additional project expansions up our sleeves. More details are coming your way, but for now, it's all under wraps, keeping the anticipation high.
  • Tier One Exchange Listings: It's time to level up, my friends! We'll secure listings on top-tier exchanges, taking $WEED to the highest peaks of stoner greatness.
  • Get ready for game-changing token acceptance and adoption across the world as a result of the awareness and working with key industry partners to form acceptance of the brand, the token, and the merchandise.
POTHEADS bring the community together for a cosmic journey
So, grab your favorite strain, ignite your passion, and join us on this cosmic journey. Together, we'll celebrate each milestone with a fiery burn event, creating a $WEED meme takeover that'll leave a lasting impact. Stay lifted, spread those positive energies, and let's blaze a trail to new highs of stoner greatness!